Essay about Oppression And The Oppressed : Oppression

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Oppression Strengthening the Oppressed Oppression has been an ongoing issue since the Native Americans stepped foot onto this land until present day. Back then, Native Americans and shortly after, African-Americans, were discriminated against because of their skin color and the common perception society had of them. Throughout history and even right now, so many groups of people are discriminated against because of their race, sex, religion, and, in the last twenty years or so, sexuality. When someone or a group of people are persecuted in some way, that only strengthens their points as to why they are fighting for their cause, thus strengthening their motives to fight harder. The most prevalent form of oppression throughout the decades has been towards race. In the early 1400s and perhaps even earlier, the Native Americans came onto this land and as soon as other began to colonize, the Native Americans were called “savages” and kicked out. More commonly known is the oppression towards African-Americans. Slavery began around the 17th century simply because of their race and people perceived them as worthless, dirty, and the thought they needed to be worked to death and suffer. Slavery went on for so long but even when it ended, African-Americans still struggled to be viewed as real citizens. In the film Freedom Riders by Stanley Nelson Jr., so much raw footage of how African-Americans were treated at that time were shown. A group of blacks and whites went on a bus together…

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