Oppression Against Native Americans Essay

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Oppression against Native Americans has been the longest held racism in the United States. The horrors that Natives endure span hundreds of years from the first arrival of European settlers to the modern era in which they have to protest for their right to clean water. Native Americans continue to persevere and face tremendous challenges to cope with the disadvantages history has left them. To this day, Native Americans are the most harshly affected by relocation, institutionalized racism, and economical disadvantages. Native Americans still peacefully resided on their land throughout the 1830’s; however, European settlers continued to consider them to be a threat to peace. "In 1838, the Federal government had what they called the “Five Civilized …show more content…
In the late 19th century, reformers adopted the practice of educating native children in Indian Boarding Schools in order to civilize them. These Christianity centric schools proved harrowing to Native American children. These children were not allowed to speak their native languages, practice their native religions, and they were forced to abandon their Native American identities and assimilate to European-American culture. Another economical disadvantage that plagues Native American communities is alcoholism. For example, “one-fourth of the tribe 's children suffer from fetal disorders related to their parents ' alcoholism” (Burke, 1988). “According to the Indian Health Services, the rate of alcoholism among Native Americans is six times the U.S. average. Certain ethnic groups experience alcoholism on a wider level, Native Americans are one such group. Their rate of alcoholism is much higher than the rest of the population, and one in 10 Native American deaths is alcohol-related [three times the average for the broader population]” (Ghosh, 2012). Dozens of researchers over the years have shown that the effects of alcohol on Native Americans are also due to genetics; seeing as “Native Americans are predisposed to alcoholism because of differences in the way they metabolize alcohol” (NIAAA). The cultural differences between Native Americans and white people has led to conflict, depression, and low

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