Oppressed, Inferior, And Unequal Essay

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Oppressed, Inferior, and Unequal
We all know that women’s rights are a big struggle in Afghanistan. It was worse when Afghanistan was under the Taliban rule. These women were treated unfairly, beaten for the slightest wrong move, raped, and thrown out like trash. Some women are putting up a fight and really trying to get their freedom. Unfortunately, the Afghanistan society and the way things were being ran before the Taliban fell are keeping these women from achieving the goal they want, and that is to have equal human rights.
These customs that women have been forced into came about because of their religious values. Sex before marriage was considered unholy, and no man wanted a woman who wasn’t a virgin. In Armstrong’s article, “A Rights Revolution,” she mentions that women were raped to dishonor a tribe. Nahida Hassan, a 13-year-old girl became a symbol for girls and women who were being raped during the two decade war. A commander and some of his troops busted into Nahida’s house, gunning down her family. Nahida understood she was the target. To avoid being sexually savaged, she jumped from her sixth floor window to her death. Women were always seen as items and not human beings. Daughters were used to settle scores – if someone is killed in the midst of a dispute, the killer’s family gives a girl child to the victim’s family to make amends. The Taliban caused mass distress for women in Afghanistan, even more than what their society was already causing. The women…

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