Opposites Attract Pride And Prejudice Essay

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Opposites Attract in Pride and Prejudice The story Pride and Prejudice tells the story of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy and how they fell in love despite being opposites. This paper will look at how opposites attract and how Elizabeth’s feelings shifted from contempt to love, as well as Mr. Darcy’s initial feelings for Elizabeth. In the book the five Bennett sisters are looking for husbands. This is because the family is having financial problems and marrying men of standing and wealth would help the family’s position in society and would allow them to regain their finances. The family’s money was lost because their father was irresponsible and did not provide for his wife or his daughters. This is because he made a stipulation that he is unable to revoke that says that his money must go to a son and since he only has daughters they cannot inherit his estate. This means that once their father is dead the girls will be in poverty unless they marry men of means. Their only other chooses in life are to be companions to the wealthy or governesses.
Her father also shows his unwillingness to fully accept the society in which he lives by not realizing the serious damage his daughter Lydia has caused to the chances of his other daughters finding suitable husbands due to her irresponsible behavior. Lydia had sex with Wickham without being married which during this time period was seen as shocking and scandalous and could have caused the family to be seen negatively. Which…

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