Opposing Viewpoint Context : Online Resource Covering Today 's Social Issues

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Critical Review #2
1. Opposing Viewpoint In context: online resource covering today 's social issues. (website)
2. Marc Ribaudo, Robert Johansson, Jacqueline Langwith writes the article called "Agriculture Threatens Water Quality." Published by Economic Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture in 2010.
3. Mark Ribaudo and Robert Johansson are scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture 's Economic Research Service. The authors take the position of arguing that "agricultural operations are one of the biggest threats to water quality in the United States" (Ribaudo, Johansson) The authors also states that controlling agriculture is a difficult, but also significant challenge for states and the federal government because it will prevent agricultural pollutions that seriously degraded water quality. The authors are make the connection between agriculture and water quality can help policy makers provide appropriate way to prevent agricultural pollution for famers to let them controlling the pollutions.
4. Summary: The authors explains that agricultural operations decreases the water quality in the United States. Agricultural farms are located near lakes, rivers and underground aquifers. All these farms are contaminated with pathogen, sediment, and nitrogen from fertilizers and herbicide, phosphorus ad bacteria from animal manure, and other agricultural pollutants that seriously degraded water quality. The authors provides the information about where these…

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