NBA Opportunities

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30. There are opportunities that would help me reach my goal in each part of the business environment. First, economic and legal opportunities would be that are aren’t enough people playing the sport. Second, I don’t need to be in college all four years to make it into the NBA. They only want you to stay for college for a year to get the experience in playing in a college level rather than at high school level. Third opportunity would be getting into a college that would be easy for me to stay one year and start playing in the NBA at a young age. Second, technologic environment would be getting myself out there with the internet being all around us. The other opportunity is that I can post videos of me playing against tough competition in the …show more content…
The idea of market segmentation is “marketer must divide them into smaller groups to better understand their needs “(Wiles, 2015). Having the idea of becoming an NBA player and associating myself with individuals that can get me there. This can be affected with the different segments that can affect me. First, Geographic segmentation would affect me because I have to choose the best location that is good for me and my family. The benefit segmentation would be the benefits that I am getting out of becoming an NBA. Not only would it be fame, but it would be that I can get a good chance of me helping others where people can do the same thing I am doing. Lastly, the volume segmentation can be very helpful. The reason being that if no one really buys my jersey; I wouldn’t have a great control over the audience since not many will look up to me. Which relates to the consumer behavior in a way that it studies the “customers motivations and reasons for purchasing a product” (Wiles, 2015). Price needs to be high enough where the organization can make a profit. Second, Place is choosing the best location to sell the product which would be athletic stores. Third, Promotion will be the reminder that the product is still there and that it can be cheaper than some of its competition to be brought for its customers. Lastly, Product is which how the product in this case jersey will be easier for consumers to get. If they have it in every athletic store it will be convent for customers to get. Product Differentiation would be selling the product by have promotions; which can make the product easier to sell since it’ll be cheaper. Product packaging would be used if the product is being sold online at the organization website and it has to be carefully delivered to its rightful owner. If there is a mistake; it will be that customers might not return to that website and the profits will go down. The product branding which gives it the name and it identifies the

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