Opportunities And Threats Of The External Environment Essay

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Opportunities and Threats of the External Environment

Microsoft has many opportunities and threats in the external environments that they need to keep abreast of. As competition continues to expand product and service lines, Microsoft will need to keep abreast of any these changes. By continually monitoring external competition as well as looking for opportunities for product and service improvement, Microsoft can continue to remain a leader in the information technology field.
A threat in the external environment for Microsoft comes in the form of competition from both small and large companies who provide services and products that compete with Microsoft. As example of a type of threat Microsoft currently faces is with its recently launched cloud-based Office Suite program, which annually costs $100. Vastly different is Google Docs, which was launched as cloud-based in 2006, and remains to be free, with payment made through the sale of web ads. Google’s suite is being used by more startup companies, larger new companies, and startup companies (Covert, 2013).
While every company has threats, every company also has opportunities. Microsoft’s research and development department will continue to look for new products and services they can provide. They will also look for enhancements to existing products and services. A key opportunity Microsoft recently has come out with is the SQL Server. The SQL server saw a 20% increase in 2011 and in 2012 was projected to enhance…

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