Opportunities and Challenges of Social Media in Human Resource Management

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Opportunities and Challenges of Social Media in Human Resource Management

Ahmed AL-Riyami
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This paper covers numerous opportunities and challenges that human resource management could experience while engaging into social media in the workplace. A number of opportunities that could benefit the organization in using social media are enhancement in the HR recruiting process, communication and productivity of company. Also, social media can reduce overall cost of organization, such as training. Furthermore, could prevent employer from legal issue when searching for candidate information online like facebook. Finally, a social media
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First, using social media in human resource can improve recruiting techniques. Nowadays, very few companies posting advertisements about job opening in the newspapers or job board. Alternatively, nowadays most recruiters turning to social media sites for attracting top talent. A survey conducted for CareerBuilder.com found 45% of employers were utilizing social media to screen potential employees, more than double from the year earlier (2012).Therefore, learning positive social media techniques, management can communicate more effectively, increase employee interest to change, improve feedback processes, and manage difficult systems. Tolan (2012) reports “HR technology will find new ways to use the social space to find great candidates. Social media will be used to find a larger and more connected talent pool of candidates for companies looking for particular skill sets”. He reported in 2012 and now we are 2013 we already seen this is happing around most of large companies. In fact those new techniques enhance candidate quality as well as overall cost for the company.

Second, many studies shows social networks allow organization to improve communication and improve productivity among employee. For example, professional social media site like LinkedIn allows employee to join group discussions and interact in conversation with other professional in similar industry. In other worlds, build internal and external mutual networking in working place . Therefore, this

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