Opium War Essay

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Opium War
There were two Opium Wars. The first one was from 1839-1842. This war was fought between China and Britain. This war was fought over the two not seeing eye to eye on a lot of things. The second Opium War was from 1856-1860. In this war the British forces fought toward the legalization of the Opium trade. The reason they did this was to be able to expand coolie trace, to be able to open all of China to British merchants, and also to be able to expand foreign imports from internat transit duties. This was when France then joined the British. In this essay we are going to cover both of the Opium Wars.
The expansion of European imperialism in Asia was all economic. In the British market there was a high demand for Chinese tea, also
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They also granted British citizens extraterritoriality, or exemption from Chinese law.” (Getz & Brooke (2012)). As Article II of the Nanjing treaty states, “His Majesty the Emperor of China agrees that British subjects with their families and establishments, shall be allowed to reside, for the purpose of carrying on their commercial pursuits, without molestation or restraint at the Cities and Towns of Canton, Amoy, Foochow Fu, Ningpo, and Shanghai, and Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain, etc., will appoint Superintendents or Consular Officers, to reside at each of the above-named Cities or Towns, to be the medium of communication between the Chinese Authorities and the said Merchants, and to see that the just Duties and other Dues of the Chinese Government as hereafter provided for, are duly discharged by Her Britannic Majesty’s Subjects.” (Asia for Educators).
“The Opium Wars are rightly named: it was not trade per se but rather unrestricted drug trade by the Western powers, particularly Britain, that precipitated them.” (MIT (2011)).
One lesson that the Opium Was taught was that Opium is a very addictive drug. Opium was also used to make smoking pipes. The British wanted all that they could get no matter what anyone ever said. Just because there is a treaty does not mean that all who are involved in the treaty are going to follow

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