Opinion Essay On Drunk Driving

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Mr. Lerner’s book discussed the matters on drunk driving and how they can affect people’s lives. In the summary I found in Collins library as stated in the citation above, he reports factual evidence and statistics to show both sides of people who argue with drunk driving and those who said the problem was, “Exaggerated and overregulated.” The debate continues with both sides stating why and why not they agree and disagree with the matter of people driving drunk. Should they continue regulating drivers with sobriety test when pulled over, or should they just let it be? Many people will ponder on that question and evaluate each side. It really makes you want to reconsider your thoughts and actions on this sensitive matter.
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The web page gives several accounts with the evidence showing alcohol consumption has been decreasing within young adults ages 16-24 year old. They admit to college student’s drink has decreased, and 16% of college level students have stopped drinking completely. Drunk driving has lead to multiple car accidents, deaths, and people seriously injured. Some people get to walk away with out a scratch, but others aren’t so lucky. Imagine that you had just gone out tonight with your friends and y’all are just now reaching the halfway point of being home. You come to a stop at a light and out of nowhere a drunk driver rams into the back of your vehicle causing you to spin and flip. Only to come to face reality the next day when you find out not only did the drunk driver live, but your best friend was in a coma and wasn’t going to make it. The drunk driver was a minor and was only 19 years old. It would change your perspective on the out look wouldn’t it? That’s exactly what happened to Becky Brown, the founder of MADD ( Mothers Against Drunk Driving) when her 18 year old son died in a fatal car wreck involving him and the 19 year old drunk driver.

At the time the law was saving 700+ lives just by changing the drinking age up by only 3 years. Some did not like the change, but as more and more mothers who suffered the loss of a child they realized how much good they could seek out of it. They ended up passing a low stating that no one can have a blood alcohol level of 0.08% in order to legally be considered drunk driving. The legal limit before MADD got it changed was, 0.10%. In order to have good information you need to research the out come from the other point of view as found in this CNN news

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