Ophelia 's Death As An Accident Caused By A Weak Tree Branch Essay examples

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In William Shakespeare 's Hamlet, Ophelia’s death is first regarded to as an accident caused by a weak tree branch. But, there are many key events and characters that help support to argument that Ophelia was, in fact, murdered. With this evidence, those involved in the incident should be held accountable for their part in her death. There are many questions that could be asked when clearing the argument of Ophelia’s death being an accident. One could ask, “How would the queen know all the details of the incident when claiming she wasn’t there?” and “If she had nothing to do with it, why was she there?” While exploring the events of Ophelia’s death, prime suspects will be evaluated, evidence supporting each ruling will be presented, as well as evidence that proves Ophelia was murdered in cold blood. Of the two female characters in Hamlet, Ophelia is the youngest and often viewed as the most naive and impressionable. She’s a beautiful young noblewoman of Denmark who has her eyes set on the prince. Her father Polonius who is the chief counselor of the king, and her brother Laertes is a young Danish lord. As her life is dictated by the two, nothing is really left up to her discretion, not even her love life. Ophelia is often urged and warned by her brother and father to remain a virgin, to preserve her reputation as a good, wholesome noblewoman. In Act I, Laertes says Ophelia should “fear it” and “keep [herself] in the rear of [her] affection/Out of the shot of danger and…

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