Essay on Operations Management

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You have been hired as director of an important five stars hotel. The previous manager told you before leaving that you should not worry about quality as there are few complaints from customers. Do you agree with this comment? If not propose means for service quality evaluation and improvement.
A definition of quality, especially for what services is concerned, is extremely challenging to find. In a world like that of luxury hotels, quality can mean a lot of different things depending on how each customers values it and what the customer is expecting. Five-star hotels rely, for its nature, on satisfying needs of highly demanding customers, thus focusing on quality seems essential.
The fact that the hotel so far has received few
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A way to identify focused and non-focused areas (i.e., the five GAP model dimensions above) in the service offer is to use the performance-importance matrix5. The matrix evaluates the dimensions in terms of importance for the business and the relative performance offered. If a dimension is very important but performance is medium-low, company managers know that they should invest more time and resources on that. For the hotel in question, it is fair to assume that the most important dimensions are tangibles, assurance and empathy and the hotel manager should make sure, through customer surveys and CRM tools, that the performance across these dimensions is adequate to their importance to the business.

Take any case covered in class. Comment what you have learnt from it and how this learning could be applied to real life (organizations you have worked with or know of).
The case I am choosing is that of Southwest Airlines in Baltimore and the application of the concepts of lean operations. I was firstly impressed to know more of a real case in which lean operations managed to give the company a real competitive advantage and to realize that lean operations does not only mean cost cutting (even though most of the actions seem to move in that direction and optimization of operations has as direct consequence the reduction of costs) but also customer satisfaction (thus more revenues). Indeed, streamlined processes and procedures inevitably reflect on customers and on their

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