Operations Management Essay

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Operations Management


Assignment No. 1

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Question 1).
The post-construction issues that have come to surface regarding the Northstar HyperMall within the last three months are varied yet linked. These issues are of such importance in relation to the reliability – (According to Hollins and Shinkins, 2006 ) “The most important aspect of any product or service...something performing to specification” that they became the focal point of the General Manager’s (GM) area of concern. These problematic reports have dealt a destabilising blow to the future of the newly constructed Mall by Northstar, forcing the management to ensure that measures are taken
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These issues ranged all the way to “restaurant staff... suppliers to restaurants...Food bars”, with the supplier issues centring around the following four areas of concern: Poor quality produce, late delivery, wrong order quantities and general reliability.

If we take into consideration the fact that the Northstar HyperMall has been give a “5 star rating” by the press, we begin to understand the potential severity that these complaints regarding quality pose to that “golden” reputation mentioned earlier on. This coupled with the fact that the volume of customers “had exceeded the management’s initial projections” clearly highlights that there is a lot at stake. The ‘cherry on the cake’ if you like is that on top of this underlying potential to prosper, the positioning/location, easy access and sheer enormity of the mall really does provide a magnificent pathway to success.
In general, the majority of businesses within the sector in question prefer to establish the satisfaction of their customers and the level of quality that their services are operating at via means of the actual complaints received by the business from the customers. However, though this is a good place to begin, the business would benefit from moving

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