Operations Management Essay

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A critical examination of the success of implementing operations management theories within the local government

Operation management theories can be used as templates over almost any industry, the usage of which can affect the outcome of almost any situation, which arises within the organization. The theories can cover anything from the large operations a business is responsible for including transport to the smallest factors, which can include production methods. My topic for discussion today will be the inclusion of the theories within the local government sector and how successful the plans have been.
Firstly, layout and flow becomes an important aspect of almost any business. This helps the organization not only provide the best
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Due to the high populations of hospitals in peak times it is essential that traffic along routes to other areas within the hospital is as low as possible to relieve stress and also for health reasons1. Flow as mentioned before with the traffic maintenance of the hospitals is taken very seriously but unfortunately happens to be one of the aspects where the government receives the most criticism. The reason for this is that the government covers so many operations that include everything from queuing in public places to traffic all over the U.K. on the roads. Criticism with the management of the traffic around the UK comes from a number of groups, one analysis states that the government take no consideration toward drivers behavioral and cultural differences which makes it so that the highway code and traffic management have less and less effect each year2. Further criticism came in 2007 when the introduction of a congestion zone within London was put into place but never truly justified3. Overall when it comes to the theory of the management of the service the government operates a generally positive example of a ‘Mass Service’ operation within the hospitals but a less well-received operation when it comes to the roads.
Next comes the management of process design. As within any industry the government has a number of operations with varying processes. The example I have chosen is the process

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