Essay on Operations Management And The Industrial Revolution

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Operations management is very crucial in the modern world today. It has helped businesses grow and reach their true potential. The concept of operations management started to take off around the time of the Industrial Revolution. OM was starting to be used to its potential. Operations management involves development, organizing, or administering in the sense of production, manufacturing, and even the delivery of certain services. Since it is an extensive subject, “…operations management can be defined from more than one perspective; first, with respect to its overall role and contribution within an organization, and second, focusing more on the day-to-day activities that fall within its area of responsibility” (Davis, Heineke pg. 4). This idea has been implemented by numerous companies and it has assisted them in making tremendous amounts of revenue.
Technology introduced from the Industrial Revolution has helped with the division of labor. Adam Smith, a famous economist, used the division of labor in his famous pin factory example. It involves a manufacturing establishment that employs 10 people. What lay behind in the rise of productivity? The answer, according to Smith, was the increase in productiveness that was to be had by achieving and ever-finer division of labor. Each person would have one simple task to do and it would help benefit the company.
Contributions to society have been phenomenal due to the ongoing emergence of OM. Significant additions include a higher…

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