Essay on Operational Plan

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Operational Plan
James Sweeney
MGT 601 The Functions of Modern Management
Professor Dr. Key Baron Smith
July 13, 2015

For the purpose of this paper we are going to assume that the Strategic and Tactical Plans are aligned with the operational plan. The operational plan is then the implementation plan of the Strategic and Tactical plan that has been developed and approved by mid and upper management. The name of the company is Sweeney’s Medical Device Inc. and employees approximately 200 employees and has annual; sales of $90 million.. The company has one manufacturing facility that is located in the United States. The company produces and manufactures medical instruments that are affordable for the medical industry. The following
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This means that lower management should have a clear sense of what they are trying to achieve.


* Sweeney’s Medical Device Inc. Vision is to help people enjoy life, and offer affordable products to the Health care industry.

Mission Statement:

* Sweeney’s Medical Device Inc. Is a Manufacturing Company that will be committed: to providing the best quality of products using are highly trained staff. Are products are unique, affordable and meet or exceed medical standard in the industries. We at Sweeney Medical Device Inc. will continue to strive to develop and create innovated products for the years to come to support our customer’s needs. Sweeney’s Medical Device Inc. employees are expected to serve the customer with the highest level of integrity and quality support for our valued customers

Values * At Sweeney’s Medical Device Inc., we will provide good ethical and integrity standards. We will always strive to meet our customers’ requirements and make the best quality product.

Listed below is the high level overview of the organizational chart which must be assumed that each organizational department has their own detailed organization chart but will not be listed at this time. Review the organizational chart and summary of the description, duties and responsibilities.

Positions,’ Duties and Responsibilities

President: The

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