Successful Nonprofit Organizations Essay

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Nonprofit organizations collect almost two trillion dollars in annual donations. Among these many entities, which provide services for people in need, some operate in noteworthy fashion. The most successful institutions elect competent leadership, practice full transparency and use technology to operate more efficiently.

Nonprofit Organizations in the United States

The Internal Revenue Service acknowledges 26 various nonprofit formations. Well-known organizations such as the United Way, the Salvation Army and the YMCA accept donations to promote various causes such as charity, education, science, religion or art. With their generous donations, patrons help other, and as an added benefit can write-off their contributions as tax deductions.
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The staff members can easily report on accomplishments and successful outcomes. These organizations and have a solid reputation with similar organizations, and others recognize the foundation, leaders and volunteers as leading cause advocates.

Trait 6: Persuasive and
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These foundations effective spread awareness about their cause to the right constituents and, as a result, procure resources to help the community. Internally, the leaders have established relationship with governmental and private sector contacts and lobby for policies that will further societal wellbeing. The organizations serve as a bastion among supporters and attract advocates that help further goodwill.

Trait 7: Collective Leadership

Within these organizations, several individuals share leadership and work together to serve benefactors. Although nonprofit leaders must persuasively influence others, they are humble, strategic and innovative. They support their cause more effectively by delegating responsibilities to other qualified volunteers and work closely with at least one individual that can act as their representative. Effective nonprofit leaders remain with the same organization for an extended period, participate in volunteer activities and expect board member to follow the same practices.

Outlook for Nonprofit

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