Operation Paperclip Essay

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Operation Paperclip Over 1,000 German scientists and technicians would be captured during the war by the United States office of Strategic Services (OSS). With Von Braun in the United States, he could finally achieve his dream of space travel and an eventual goal of putting a man on the Moon, and his Nazi ties were cleansed from public record by the OSS. Furthermore, he would be surrounded by thousands of German and American scientists. With this ability, he could finally conduct better research and design rockets for the purpose he always intended for them. Following WWII, in 1947 the United States handed over several V-2s towards North American Aviation (NAA). NAA would put an array of sensors on the rockets including a camera. On March, 1947 the first V-2 would be launched from New Mexico and achieve an altitude of over fifty miles high and would provide the first pictures of the Earth from space.
NACA and the Test Pilots Edwards
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This served as a preliminary research platform for NACA, and would be pushed further upon the NASA takeover. Overall, three different entities held worked on the X-15. Those three were the Air Force, Navy and NACA/NASA. The X-15 holds world records in speed for a manned aircraft that exist today. It also served as a high altitude platform that would contribute towards the Mercury Program. On one specific instance, Flight 91 in 1963, pilot Joseph A Walker flew to a record breaking altitude of 169,600 feet, making him the first astronaut in world history according to the Air Force. On this specific mission the lines between pilot and astronaut, warrior and philosopher, war and peace were blurred. Walker had waited his whole life for a moment such as this, as he found great majestic beauty in what he saw as he looked up and down the California coast. Such a position was perfect for him as he held a degree in Physics after

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