Operation Management (Opm) Essay

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Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Operations management and scope of operations management 4 2.1 Quality control 4 2.2 Stock management 4 3.0 Roles of Operations Manager 5 3.1 Guidance 5 3.2 Motivator 5 3.3 Improve overall performance of operation 5 3.4 Communication and Coordination 6 3.5 Financial planning 6 4.0 The strategic choice for location 7 5.0 Application of technology 8 5.1 Barcode system 8 5.2 Price checker 8 6.0 Process Strategy and Work Design 9 7.0 Floor Layout 10 8.0 Management of inventory 11 8.1 JIT system (Just in time system) 11 9.0 Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction 13 9.1 Membership card 13 9.2 Promotions 13 10.0 Conclusion 14 11.0 Appendixes 15 …show more content…
J &Render. B, 2001). Scope of operation management refers to the area or the field operation management is accountable for. Among all the scope operation management is responsible for, there are few areas that standout most to be issued. They are quality control and stock management.
2.1 Quality control

Quality control can be explained as the process where operation management attempts to maintain and ensure the quality of products or services offered are always in their best form. In other words, quality control includes all efforts to manage quality and maintain assurance of continued high quality of product and services (P.L Jain, 2001). For AEON Supermarket, quality control is a big issue as if products offered are not in good form or not qualified; they might face the risk of losing customers, decline of profit and ended up having bad reputation. As a top retailer in Malaysia, AEON’s operation management run their quality control well as they always offer high quality products for their customers.
2.2 Stock management

Other than that, stock management is also part and parcel of the scope for their operation management. Due to AEON is a retail shop that serve products as their main stream, so what they usually manage are products instead of services. Stock management is crucial for supermarket as

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