Operation Blessing Essay

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According to the World Food Program, nearly 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life and poor nutrition causes nearly 45% of deaths in children under five each year. The world’s population is growing at an unprecedented rate and with climate change, displacement, and epidemics, that number is expected to continue to grow. Many scholars and scientists believe that GMOs have the potential to solve the world’s food shortage issues by offering a quick, cheap, and easy way to feed countries and populations who are struggling to meet their food demands. Technologies have made improvements on the genes of plants to allow longer lives, pest resistance, environmental tolerance, and general improvements on …show more content…
Operation Blessing is a working farm and training center in Guatemala that teaches farmers a revolutionary way of sustainable, organic farming that can drastically change how they are feeding their families and communities. Farmers come to this center for 3 days and are housed, fed, and shown how to create their own organic fertilizer and pesticides, grow using the vertical and pyramid method, and how to raise worms for fertilizer. They learn how to grow better tasting crops, in a shorter period of time, with less water, and without chemicals. Operation Blessing uses a technique that involves a roof, or some form of covering, as they don’t want the rain to fall on beds because water supply is instead controlled by drip irrigation. This is an easy and simple method that farmers are able to do by hand and don’t have to count on the unreliable rain cycles where they farm. They also teach space saving techniques where a gardener or farmer can grow a bunch of produce in their tiny backyard. The pyramid technique involves PVC pipes that are set up in a pyramid shape so plants get a double exposure and can grow quick and healthy. In the space at Operation Blessing, 300 plants are grown in 25 feet of space, which is an incredible amount. They can do this because moisture is kept inside of the tubes and it only takes a little bit of water to keep healthy. The vertical technique is a vertical wall with plants on both sides so that they also receive double exposure and can grow fast. Black beans can grow in 69 days and 3 feet of plants can produce 25 dry pounds of beans; this is enough to satisfy their families and have enough left over to sell if they wish. This form of farming is much more sustainable than conventional farming and has the potential to revolutionize the way the poor communities in Guatemala,

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