Openly Gay Role Models Must Be Confident Citizens Essay

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openly gay role models they need to be confident citizens (Weston). Educators wouldn’t show of their sexuality, rather they would be open and honest. LGBTQ people are targeted for many hate crimes, and students will be targeted as well. An educator can help students cope and give any advice because these educators have gone through the same thing. Part of being a teacher is to create an environment where children can be free of bullying (Connolly 27). For a teacher to create this environment—especially to LGBTQ students—they have to be open and honest, and they also have to be able to relate to these students to offer this environment. When educators are open and honest, they can intervene because it’s something they believe in. Gray and Harris state that they struggle to understand to what extent a model human being is, and that people have a role as a teacher, both with or without gender identity (12). With this it is clear that being an educator is a role, regardless of what you identify with. An educator role shouldn’t be dependent on the identity they belong to. There are laws set in place to protect people from losing their job (Connolly 27). However, even though there are laws to protect people, there are no laws protecting people who are looking for a job. These laws will also not stop the negative thoughts that surround this group of people. If people just stopped thinking so negatively about this group of people, they will be helping student as well. The gay role…

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