Open Heart Surgery At Cabarrus Memorial Hospital Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… “Chris” Christy was born July 26, 1957 at Cabarrus Memorial Hospital. He was one of two children born to Steve and Rachel Christy, hardworking owners of Christy’s Nursery in Concord. Chris was educated in the Cabarrus County School system and played football for NorthWest Cabarrus High School. He married Kay Moore, also from Concord, in 1977 and together they embarked on the adventure of Chris becoming a physician. Chris graduated from Davidson College with a BS and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a medical degree. He then attended a surgical residency program at Memorial Medical Center in Savannah. After his residency, Chris returned to Concord and joined the surgical practice of Flowe, Crooke and Chalfant. Two years later, Chris entered the Cardio-Thoracic and Vascular Fellowship program at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Under the tutelage of Dr. Frances Robicsek, a well-known and respected pioneer in open-heart surgery, Dr. Christy developed the expert cardiac surgery skills that he wanted to bring to Cabarrus Memorial …show more content…
Primary and Secondary Service Areas
To determine the service area for the proposed heart program expansion, the existing service area for the hospital was identified by examining the hospital’s patient database and noting the patients’ residential addresses, particularly zip codes. Second, they mapped this service area and evaluated the road and trans- portation network, travel times, and other hospitals in the region. (See Exhibits 19/5 and 19/6.)
In board discussions, president Wall advised the trustees that hospital plan- ners had looked at patient origins for an existing tertiary program – radiation oncology. This study showed that its major source of patients had been Concord and Kannapolis, with the remainder widely spread over 23 other communities. Mr. Wall asked, “Does this give us reason to believe we can expect referrals to CMH for open heart surgery to come from a wider service area than the hos- pital average?” (See Exhibits 19/7 and 19/8.)
To further look at the question of patient origins, CMH studied zip code origins for its cardiac catheterization patients. Again, a large number of patients had Concord and Kannapolis zip codes and generally reflected patient
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(See Exhibit 19/10.)

3. Population Epidemiology
Based on the latest available data, all the proposed service area counties, with the exception of Union and Mecklenburg, had evidence of a heart disease mortality rate higher than that of the state as a whole (see Exhibit 19/11). According to the data that had been recently reported by the North Carolina Database Commission, open heart surgery usage rates in Cabarrus County were higher than that of the entire state. The previous year North Carolina had experienced a procedure rate of 1.39 per 1,000 population.

4. Availability of Existing Services for Patients in CMH Service Area
North Carolina had 16 open heart surgery programs located in 11 counties. None of these programs was in the proposed CMH primary service area. Those closest to the CMH service area were located in Charlotte. They were Mercy


Exhibit 19/11: Heart Disease Mortality Rates: Two Years

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