Open Door Policy For A Rapidly Growing Company Essay

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Introducing Open Door Policy
For a rapidly growing company, such as Kind it is essential for it to maintain its corporate values. In order for it to achieve this it must implement an open door policy. An Open door policy is when the doors of the offices of superiors or upper management management, which in theory should include the CEO as well, remain open. This enables the employees to have easy access for inquires and to give some essential feedback. In theory this should enable the employees to have the freedom to discuss issues and to have open dialogue, which should enable Kind to implement their corporate culture of kindness.
Advantages of an Open Door Policy
Effective communication between the employee and the management. Open door policy promotes and enables effective exchange of information between the employee and upper management. This is critical in a rapidly growing communication, since the corporate culture may be lost if this is not done. If the effective communication is productive , then the corporate values will remain intact even with the rapid expansion.Due to this the employees feels like they belong to the workplace, since they know Kind will support them always at the time of crisis in their professional and private lives. As a result to this, the employee will be loyal Kind, which will be easy to implement their corporate culture.
No Confusion
An open door policy will allow Kind corporate culture to be easily implemented and maintained during…

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