Essay on Open Close Source

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Closed and Open Source There are a lot of things that go into a practical and an efficient operating system; one of which consist of a closed and an open source. To understand the sources of an operating system, it is best to find out and figure out what closed and open source is. Closed and Open source can be a disadvantage or an advantage of software development and cost sharing. The initial step is to recognize what it means to have a closed or open system, and what components are needed and will make up the requirement for software or an application to function. With both closed and open sources functioning differently as to how the system is programmed and structured and how the system will function within a software …show more content…
* Improvement Support: Giving a wide-range of support system, the engineers may feel as though they can change the software anytime and however it is needed to take advantage of the developing software. * Technical Support. The widely used technical support for open source is blog and peer-to-peer website. Users post updates and revision to the operating systems to how the user wants to modify it.
Linux is a good example of an open source. Linux is a combined effort in that no other developer is accountable for its improvement or on-going support.
CLOSED SOURCE Operating system of a Closed source is defined as a system that is unchangeable or inaccessible source code system. There are numerous closed source systems in use and prime examples are Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX. The most comprehensively and widely used operating systems on personal computers are samples of a closed source. * With closed source, fixing components is not part of the solution. The original developer of the software will be the one responsible with fixing the problems. Since no one can modify it, it is up to the developer to fix the debug on the software. * Contributing back to the community will not be an issue. Process for improvement stops. Issues usually will be address by the developer and will be fixed when the new version of

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