Only Daughter By Sandra Cisneros Essay

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In the story “Only Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros, she writes about her childhood and the relationship she had with her siblings and her father. Sandra is the only daughter out seven siblings in a traditional Mexican household. Parents, family, friends and heritage influenced Sandra Cisneros to be a successful writer. Sandra Cisneros’ childhood helped her overcome the housewife stereotype and become a successful writer.
Sandra Cisneros grew up in Chicago in a family of nine. Out seven siblings, she was the only girl. Cisneros explains that her brothers thought it was "beneath them"(Cisneros 366) to play with a girl, this example reflects some of the inequalities that girls had to face. Because of her brothers ' refusal to play with her, Cisneros spent most of her time alone thinking, imagining, and reading. All those things would eventually help her with her future in writing. Sandra was brought up in a traditional Mexican household where men are supposed to have successful careers and women are supposed to be wives. In fifth grade, Sandra decided that she was going to college and break the stereotype. She told her father and he thought it was a great idea because college would give her an opportunity to find a husband.
As a little girl Sandra demonstrated that she was an independent and intelligent little girl. She demonstrated this when she decided that she wanted to go to college at in fifth grade. Sandra Cisneros then went on to obtain an undergraduate degree in…

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