Online Therapy Paper

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Online Therapy Paper
Keisha Lucas
April 8, 2013
Professor Kari Siemieniewski

Online Therapy Paper
Online Therapy is a service that helps people to obtain therapeutic services through an online database that is ran by a therapist or a group of therapists, who are in charge of the website. Therapeutic websites are very helpful for someone who isn’t able to get to an office setting to have face-to-face sessions. They are extremely convenient because one can have counseling sessions in the privacy of their own home with strict confidentiality and assertiveness.
Serenity Online Therapy, created and founded by Carl Benedict, a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in Baltimore, Maryland. His therapy entails many
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In essence, you will be embarking on a journey to your True Self-the person you were meant to be before emotional pain diverted you from your path.” (Serenity, 2005-2013)
Online Therapy is viewed and occurs as a uniquely set experience, not the same as face-to-face therapeutic experience, but a new one that may be helpful to a certain group of people but not all. It’s a new service that is being tried out and there has been a small portion of research that exists to support being its productivity. This doesn’t mean that the website of online therapy is of non-effect but it is helpful for the right person in the right circumstances. This means that online therapy is not as common as the regular way to go, which is in the office, but to be offered as online therapy. I believe online therapy can be effective and helpful for the right person in the right circumstances. There are many advantages and disadvantages are; some advantages are; one can engage in therapy even if you whether homebound or living in a remote area; one will have an automatic written record of their therapy; one can choose single consultation or ongoing therapy. Some disadvantages are; risks to confidentiality due to technology; problems in helping a suicidal or homicidal client; the possibility of misunderstandings due to text-based communications. I feel that the advantages/disadvantages are intact and that they meet the required criteria to keep

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