Online Sports Games Like Bowling On Wii Essay

1849 Words Dec 6th, 2016 8 Pages
One swing of your hand and the ball slowly rolls towards the pin, and strike, all pins down. Online sports games like bowling on Wii or Xbox 360 Kinect has improved processing speed, attention span, and spatial skills among older adults. Video games, internet-based devices and other technologies are changing our traditional ways of living, making our lives more convenient and comfortable. In fact, technology is the biggest drive in our lives that controls our ways of thinking, learning, and communicating. It is common to equate it to machinery or a device; however, its main use is to apply scientific knowledge to ease practical tasks. Education, health, transportation and businesses are all influenced by the various uses of technology. Yet, in this technology driven era, it is certain that a large portion of older adults seems skeptical about using modern technology for health tracking and making social connections. Learning to use technology can be difficult and frustrating for older adults, and can lead to disinterest and disconnection from it. However, technology is important to learn because it can decrease social isolation, and equally, influence their health and their mind. Even so, this notion is disapproved by many advocates who oppose to assure that technology can harm their health and decrease face-to-face communication. Most of these critics are overly dogmatic and opinionated in their belief that they fail to look at the conception from a different perspective.…

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