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* Define industry and Product segment

Shopping centers are purpose built complexes which can contain retail shops, restaurant and other eateries, service such banks and leisure facilities such as cinemas and bowling alleys.

The Australia shopping centre industry comprises companies that build, develop and manage shopping centers in Australia. There shopping centre owners derive income from charging tenants, such as retail shop owners, banks and restaurant, rent for the space that they occupy and maintenance for operating the shopping centre. Rent are charged to tenants based on supply and demand.

* Industry Value chain

Purchase the land and building the shopping centre., choose the high traffic and volume location
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It’s easy to switch product to substitute, or you can browse the product in more details

Intensity of industry rivalry- high
Due to undifferentiated product and service, and many competitors and different competitor stakes, but it is mitigated by high growth rate.

Many new shopping centre and smaller shopping centre keep opening

Consideration | Response | Life cycle | Maturity to shake out | How many competitor organized | Plenty | Capacity | Enough and need innovative | Government policy | ACCC no significant | | | | | | |

No buyer’s buyer as buyer are end user of internet shopping

Future profitability of the industry

Five forces are medium-high-profitability is expected to be low-medium in the future. it’s hard year for retails and shopping centre during 2010-2011 impact of global crisis and consumers were still cautious with their spending. Household are taking advantage of strengthening incomes to save a bit more and pay down debt.. Others are always going to love a wonder around their local shops and entertainment

* Reference to the different customer market segments in the industry and what drives customer demand in them?

M commerce-Mobile devise-E Bay-Shopping miles(some retailers and brands will create a successful melding of online and physical store model)-24/7 customer service-small shopping centre-Bricks

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