Online Shopping Within Internal Social Platform Essay

1131 Words Aug 27th, 2015 null Page
After the analyses and discussions above, accordingly, certain research implications can be obtained which could be useful for experiential marketing researchers, social media researchers and e-business researchers. One implication is that this empirical research enriches the understanding of the relationship between customer experience and the perceived usefulness, perceived fulfillment and so forth for the online shopping within internal social platform, since it verified the significant impact of PF, PQ and PU, PP towards customer experience. There are prior researches like Dwyer (2007) and Shin (2010) appeal to more studies to add efforts in the relations between customer overall experience and its determinants, in the factors influencing the customers’ perception and in the exploring of the potential of the social media and SNSs. The crucial parts played by the PU and PQ have been further stressed in our study, of which PU has the most significant positive impact on ensuring consumers’ overall experience which also shed light on the future study on how to make detailed measures for giving consumers a sense of high-usefulness. And, a new scope is provided for enhancing the overall experience by the PF and PP towards the online purchase with the inbuilt SP. This research extends the prior studies on PF and PP by their verified positive effects on the experience performance based on the empirical evidence. Next, the moderating factors (e.g age, education, gender) studied…

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