Essay on Online Shopping: the Future

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James Cimabue
Professor Berg
English 102
Online Shopping: The Future
Nowadays, a huge amount of shopping is done over the Internet. Everything we could possibly want to do from buying cars to CD players to household cleaning products, almost anything can be purchased online, often at a substantial savings. Recently I needed a calculator for my math class. Did I go to Wal-Mart or Albertson’s to purchase one? No, I chose online shopping for the many benefits. One of which was convenience. Why go to a store and hope that they have the right calculator, when I can go online and find exactly what I need for most likely a cheaper price and have it shipped and on its way to my house in less time it would take me to drive to the
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This would mean hopping from one store to the other, hoping that they had what we were looking for or that they could order it (adding to the price of course) and it will arrive in a few days to a week if you’re lucky. All of this is solved by a 30 second search on the internet. Not to mention the benefit that it is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
One of the most convenient things about shopping online is the ability to have it shipped wherever we choose. Many people, including myself, use this as an effective birthday or Christmas shopping tactic. Much of my family lives on the east coast and when birthday’s come around, almost all of my shopping is done online mainly because of the one button most retailers have, the “Present” button. Pressing this will give us the option to have the box inside wrapped with the appropriate wrapping paper for the occasion. It will also leave the receipt out of the box, so that they won’t know how much their present cost we. The receipt is usually mailed or e-mailed to us instead.
The reason that online shopping is usually cheaper than going into a store is that it cut’s out the middleman. When buying from a brick store, that store has to pay the manager, the salesman and the warehouse workers, needless to say they have a lot of overhead expenses that online stores don’t. They recoup these expenses by raising the price of their goods. Now I don’t fault them for making a profit on something, but I, like most

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