Essay on Online Shopping From Online Websites

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Ecommerce??? The instant you hear the word something will strike in your mind related to shopping. Isn’t it? As most of the people in today’s generation perform shopping from online websites only. No one can deny the fact that they perform shopping from online stores at some point of time in their life. The convenience of this platform has constrained many individuals towards these websites at an instant.
The question which arises after knowing about the intriguing feature of Ecommerce is what it is exactly dealing with and how it works? Knowing about the relation of online shopping industry with it is not enough to say you an Ecommerce expert. The facts and facet of this platform is large which makes it today’s most successful running business in the online industry.
What actually is an Ecommerce business?
Actually the term ecommerce or electronic commerce relates with the transfer of information over the internet. It works for trading in products or services using Internet. The technologies which are being used by the electronic commerce nowadays are mobile commerce, supply chain management, electronic fund transfer, online transaction process, internet marketing, inventory management system and many more which makes it more convenient for its easy usage.
Probably there are five types of ecommerce: B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C. These assist the businesses to connect with different fields to perform buying and selling of products over the internet. Normally people don’t know…

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