The Five Attributes And Purchasing Habits Of Online Shoppers

Identify five attributes and purchasing habits of online shoppers.
1. Rebates are used by companies as a promotional technique and an incentive to increase the sales of a product. These can take on many forms such as a reduction, a return, or a refund on what has already been paid by the customer. Specifically, online rebates take the form of email or digital codes; which can help attract the customer into making their purchase online. When given the ability to receive an online rebate from their purchase, shoppers become more likely to purchase a product online rather than in a physical store.
2. In knowing that 80% of online shoppers are internet veterans, it is important that companies use popular routes to grab customer’s attention. By
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When Canadian consumers are looking to purchase goods online 80% of them do so through Canadian online retailers, while only 15% buy from the United States. Even though many U.S online retailers offer generally cheaper prices and provide shipping to Canada, Canadians prefer to do transactions with Canadians. This is because of cheaper shipping and duty cost as well as the speed of the delivery. Generally the average package coming from the United States can take anywhere from 7-14 business days, whereas a Canadian retailer can get the package to the customer usually in 3-5 business days. With the Canadian dollar falling to all time lows, we can expect the number of domestic online purchases to increase and international purchases to decrease as the cost to purchase goods internationally becomes more expensive.
5. Mobile devices are becoming a norm for consumers to use to shop from as approximately 55% of Canadians prefer to shop using a smartphone or tablet (Ipsos). As smartphones are created for multitasking, younger Canadians especially enjoy the benefits of online shopping due to the convenience of shopping on the go. As well, may websites such as eBay and Amazon have created mobile apps for customers shopping to better fit the needs of consumers. Although desktop is a popular choice to do online shopping, it is not always accessible, which is why over 20% of young Canadians choose to shop on

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