Essay about Online Retailing And Technology : A Case About Showrooming

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Online Retailing and Technology

In the textbook, the author includes a case about showrooming. I guess going to physically look at a product you might want is a good idea, but I do find it rude when you buy from a different store online right in front of the sales associate. I mean you could’ve waited until you left the store or when the associate walks away.

Showrooming is when a consumer goes into a store to physically look at the merchandise, but instead of buying it from that store they’ll do price checks online then buy that product online from the cheapest seller. I have never showcased before but I also do not buy electronics online, probably because I do not have the money. I can understand why people showcase, you don’t want to buy a product online and when you get it you do not like it, to avoid that you just go to your nearest store and look at the product before you buy.

On page 388, the growth of direct and online retailing has become an issue to many retailers. With the advancement in technology, access to online sites, and mobile apps making it easier to buy online. In the textbook the author mentions one recent survey revealed that more than 60 percent of shoppers say they look for deals online before at least half of all shopping trips. They can look for online deals and now with apps that allow you to find better prices by just scanning the barcode. To try and avoid customers showcasing in their stores and the company losing sells, some a switching to…

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