Essay on Online Reputation And Hotel Room Sales

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According (Ye et al., 2009), There are a strong relationship between online reputation and hotel room sales, finding a statistically significant positive relationship, through that hotel room prices could also be influenced positively by a stronger online reputation since customers rely heavily on reviews of other travelers. Customers could be willing to pay more for security if they are convinced about the service quality of a particular hotel based on its reputation in TA. And also Online Reputation and Product Sales the Impact of user-generated reviews (user reviews) on product sales (relative sales), since Found that an improvement in the reviews of a book is associated with an increase in the relative sales of that book in each website.

In the hospitality industry, Ye et al. (2009) analyzed the influence of online consumer reviews on the sales of hotel rooms and found that 10% improvement in hotel review rating increase the sales figures by 4.4%.Although the relationship between online reputation and resultant sales has been analyzed previously.

Online reputation mechanisms are becoming more and more important considering the digitization of on line customer review, which makes it much easier for today’s customers to share and access other consumers’ opinions. These mechanisms are particularly important in the hospitality industry since the product is an intangible good whose quality is different to evaluate before consumption. (Litvin, 2008) According to Gretzel &…

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