Online Media 's Health Information Essay

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Using Online Media to Deliver Health Information
In the 21st century, social media plays an important role in delivering health information and it has become a platform where everyone can interact with others (Colineau & Paris, 2010). The first part of this assignment will explain the benefits of using online media to deliver health information. In the following section, my own experiences of using the social media network to communicate and deliver health messages to other people will be discussed. Thereafter, the maintaining of professional communication in an online forum will be addressed in detail. The final part of the assignment will discuss the potential issues that may arise while using online media.
Social media is an online digital communication channel for engaging and communicating with the public (Mano, 2014). According to Colineau and Paris (2010), online media has become an effective social place for people to interact and learn from each other, and it allows people to share personal opinions as well as knowledge and experiences. Recently, the use of online media to deliver health information has grown rapidly and it continues to trend upward (Brodalski, Brink, Curtis, Diaz, Schindelar, Shannon & Wolfson, 2011). For instance, the traditional doctor-patient relationship has changed, and more patients prefer to use online media as a resource of health information rather than asking doctors (Vance, Howe and Dellavalle, 2009). The most popular social media…

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