Essay on Online Master Of Science Programs

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This entry gives a general overview of online Master of Science programs, then specifically examines programs in high demand and those offered in accelerated formats. Next, the entry focuses on information students need to succeed in M.S. programs: how to find the right program, and a major problem that they will likely face during online matriculation.

A Master of Science degree (in Latin, Magister Scientaie) is a postgraduate academic Master’s Degree awarded by universities worldwide. In abbreviated form, the degree may appear on academic transcripts variously as MSc., M.Sc., M.Sci., M.Si., Sc.M., M.S., MS, AM or SM. After the Master of Arts, the M.S. is the most completed graduate degree in the United States.
This degree is typically granted for studies in the hard sciences - chemistry, physics, or engineering – and other quantitative-oriented disciplines such as computer science, economics, finance and mathematics. However, in certain less quantitative subjects such as English and journalism, departments may still offer an M.S. degree. An M.S. degree in these nonquantitative subjects will involve more classes concerning the use of technology and statistical analysis than is required for an M.A. An M.S. program in Journalism, for example, might train students in advanced technology required for online publications.
Individuals who pursue a Master of Science degree may matriculate in programs that are based primarily in research activities, or in courses, or some…

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