Essay on Online Learning Vs. Face

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Online Learning vs. Face-to- Face Learning

We all know higher education is the key to success. In today’s time, one must have some form of education in order to prosper in the work force. There are many options for higher learning. Students should decide which option would best fit their schedules. Face-to-face learning grants more organization and more “hands on” instruction.

To begin with, face-to-face learning promotes easier learning through “hands on” instruction. Face-to-face learning allows students to get a better understanding by asking questions. According to the authors Delfino and Persico, face-to-face courses appear to be less convenient but a lot easier. (Delfino) The article discusses the success of an online and face-to-face course over a five year period. Students that could prioritize and organized their course work were most successful. Online learning takes extra dedication and leaves no room for slack.

The face-to-face option works best for students that are hands on learners or those that may need extra explanation. Online courses lack in the area of physical communication. Communication is virtually done through emails or discussion board assignments; often times this can be a disadvantage to students who need a quick response from their instructor. One implication for face-to-face instructors is the need to continually maintain free-flowing dialog with the students to enhance learning. (Hauser)

Face-to-face courses allows the student…

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