Online Learning : High School Students For College And / Or A Career?

1232 Words Dec 11th, 2014 5 Pages
As technology is advancing more high school students have turned to online learning to receive their high school diploma. “Data suggest that in about six years 10% of all courses will be computer based, and by 2019 about 50% of courses will be delivered online” (International). Not only are families of students turning to online learning, but schools are now requiring online courses in their curriculum. Does online learning properly prepare high school students for college and/or a career? Is online learning really an effective way of learning? Online learning does not adequately prepare high school students for college and/or future careers.

Online learning causes a concern about students cheating while taking these courses. The Internet can provide students with the information they may need for a test, quiz or assignment. According to the New York Times article, More Pupils Are Learning Online, Fueling Debate on Quality, by Tripp Gabriel, Daterrius Hamilton, a student enrolled in an online course, took words from an online source and turned it in as his own. Situations like this raise awareness of dishonesty and whether the students are truly learning or just googling. “From a practical standpoint, it is often easier to cheat online (since what or who the assesse brings to the assessment cannot be seen), which increases temptation” (Rowe). Neil Rowe suggests that the student is available to other resources to succeed because no one is there to mediate the situation.…

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