Essay on Online Learning Helping Or Hurting Education

1230 Words Apr 5th, 2016 5 Pages
Is online learning helping or hurting education, that is the question? A lot of education professionals think that online education is hurting the education program, but a lot of other people as in teachers, government officials, and parents, actually think it helps more than hurts the student’s education. I think the main reason there is such a big debate over online learning is because this is a fairly new way of learning. the in the classroom setting, going to school, day to day routine is what everyone is used too, and some people are afraid of change, even if online learning is the more logical thing to consider when thinking about education for yourself and/or child. I think in order to progress and develop the world and our culture, we must try new things even if we are scared of what might happen, without change and innovation, we would be stuck in the stone ages, who 's with me?

Have you ever been bullied? No, Yes, maybe you were the bully, I think that is a main reason a lot of kids in today 's school systems are transferring to online school. A lot of today 's younger generation are being bullied for the smallest things like what they eat or how they dress. Being bullied is hard on a kid especially when they already have to worry about a lot of other things like their grades and extra curricular activities and maybe home issues, so being bullied on top of all that is hard. Friends shape the adult we become and when you have no friends telling you what is right…

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