Essay Online Learning Can Be A Better Alternative

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Many students follow a different academic path just like I have and are taking online classes. Over the years, students have found that online learning can be a better alternative to traditional on-campus classes. I am what you would call a non-traditional student, in that I did not attend college following my graduation from high school. I chose to join the military instead and now with my service being over, I am pursuing a degree in physical therapy. In order to maintain for myself, I have to work more hours than a typical college student. This is where online learning has helped me. There are certain tips a student can follow to use online learning to their advantage. Being able to use your time management wisely, maintain a strong focus, and be able to learn on your own are going to be the things that make you a successful online learner.

I have to work 40 hours a week, take a fulltime course load in school, and still find time to take of everything else in my life. This can become a mountainous challenge when a huge amount of my time is devoted to being in class. Realistically, this schedule is not possible or at the very least, it would effect from school performance greatly. Online classes can alleviate some of the time that is dedicated to being in a class during the day for work. I now can take my class at night after work without having to worry about when I have to shop up to a physical class. “Managing your time wisely is crucial to your success…

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