Online Learning And It Advantages Essay

724 Words Dec 6th, 2015 3 Pages
Throughout this semester, I have learned a lot about online learning and it advantages and disadvantages. Specifically, I learned about the views of online learning from a students perspective as well as that of an educator. The differences in opinion of online learning between these two parties were extremely profound. I realized that student 's (particularly older students) have a negative view of online learning, while educators, typically have a positive outlook on online learning. Students typically view it as impersonal. Students also miss out on a teacher actually knowing what part of a particular concept they are struggling with. The teacher, therefore are not able to break down that concept for a student to be able to progress to the next part of material. On the other hand, teachers view online learning as a quick way to teach and assess their students learning. Some teachers also view online learning as a way of keeping tabs on their students progress. The problem with this is that most online learning programs allow teachers to view students progress quantitatively as it compares to the progress of their peers rather than the qualitative nature of progress that is normally a more accurate account of learning. For example, a teacher can know quantitatively how many concepts a student is struggling with, but it is no help if that teacher can not determine qualitatively which concepts the student is struggling on and where they went astray. Knowing the…

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