Essay on Online Learning And Classroom Learning

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Our society has been impacted greatly with technology advancement and this power wave of technology era has under its arms the education sector, which is the most critical sector of one’s life and academic career. When it comes to productivity and choices of preference, online learning and classroom learning are an issue of debate. Both methodologies, online learning and classroom learning are here to empower learners with knowledge and skills. As two sides of a coins, both the approaches have their own advantages and limitations. Looking at both the ways from different angles the points of discussion are first is the nature of both modalities, and second measure is training requirements and the third criteria is cost benefits.
Firstly, when comparing online learning and classroom learning the main difference that sets both the approaches vastly different is that classroom learning gives learners an option to interact with the instructor face to face and which in turns helps develop a better rapport between the instructor and the learner which is not possible while taking online courses, as it is all dependent on electronic mass media. Learner should be a self-disciplined and self-orientated person while taking online class and failing in doing so raises the risk of failure, where as there is always somebody in classroom to help the pupil to weigh and drive. Both Online and classroom learning requires students to manage their time wisely, but the Flexibility to have your…

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