Online Education Vs. Traditional Education Essay

1424 Words Nov 20th, 2016 6 Pages
Distance learning has not only been a valuable substitute for traditional on-campus classes, but it has also helped many students to complete undergraduate degrees. Multiple universities have expanded their online education programs to supply comparable learning competence as traditional classroom experience. Some secondary schools in the U.S. have offered blended classes as well to their students which generally includes an on-campus class and online supplement assignments and learning materials. Online course availability allows people to easily access many of the same classes offered as if they were to go to a school’s campus. The debate on whether online courses provide the same quality of education as traditional courses has been a controversial topic for quite some time. However, many schools and students have had tremendous success with the implementation of distance courses. For the advantages these alternative learning programs have offered, it certainly demonstrates similar potency as the traditional on-campus courses. The author of the article “Online Education Innovators Should Be Wary,” Rachel Farhi, says that “Taking courses on a computer at home deprives students of a practical, social education” (229). Her statement might be true to an extent if it pertains to all courses, but most schools that provide online classes choose only certain courses available solely online. Many colleges still obligate most students to take on-campus classes that require…

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