Online Dating And Its Effects Essay

1405 Words Oct 27th, 2015 null Page
The use of online dating is the second most common way to find a partner behind connecting with friends (Finkel). Online dating sites are a billion-dollar industry (Finkel). With technology becoming more popular each year, many people around the world now days use online dating site to meet up with one or even try to find their perfect one for them. The use of online dating it now has many risk from the using of it with, sexual interaction risk, lies from dater, and emotional impact from a relationship. Many people around the world use online dating for many reason, but many of the user of online dating use it for the sexual aspect. With online dating it brings many risk with the search for sexual activity. With the use of online dating many of the users have STIs and HIV transmitting disease (Couch, Liamputtong, andPitts). “40% of men who have sex with other men used the internet to seek sex.’’(Couch, Liamputtong, and Pitts) Most of the transmitting disease of HIV were passed on, by men who had sex with other men from using unprotected anal sex (Couch, Liamputtong, and Pitts). Most of the disease were passed on from middle class and poor people to other (Couch, Liamputtong, and Pitts). A lot of people are also fear in unsafe sex when they meet up with other. For user who that search for sexual intercourse from other, basic there appearance from one profile to determine if they want to hook up with them (Couch, and Liamputtong).Many user worry about the partner they are…

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