Essay Online Dating And Its Effect On Society

2005 Words Dec 14th, 2016 9 Pages
Online dating used to be taboo in the past, but now with the advance of technology it has become more and more accepted. Online dating used to be seen as strange, dangerous and even desperate. There are thousands of online dating websites and apps, some taken more seriously than others. There are websites that you have to pay money to be a part of so that only people who are serious about finding a partner will actually pay the money. There are apps like tinder where people may not take it as serious or maybe just use the app for a quick hook up. People can be using the app for different reasons. When turning to technology for love it can be a hit or a miss, depending on the person. When setting up a profile for a dating website or app there can be some pressure. You have to make sure you have nice pictures, your profile looks appealing, you show off your personality through your bio, etc. Someone people use these dating apps and websites not only to find a partner but someone people also use them to make friends. Many people use facebook, instagram and other social networks to connect with their friends and family and in the midst of all that they meet new people online and become friends with them or even start dating them. Even though these social networks weren 't intended for online dating it happens a lot on those websites/apps. Online relationships or relationships on the phone are very common but there are many problems that can arise from it such as trust problems.…

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