Online Course Design Of English Essay

753 Words Nov 11th, 2015 4 Pages
This proposal was solicited by our client, Mr. Brandon Strubberg in order to enhance the online design of English 3330. Research will be conducted to find successful solutions to online course structure. There is a need to enhance the online learning experience and our research will provide alternatives to the current course layout. The purpose of this study is to propose a plan to identify best practices for online course design. Mr. Strubberg has solicited our research to better the course design for English 3330. Our group has a plan to research best practices for online course design and each member of our group is uniquely qualified to create and present this research design.

Following this introduction, we will define the current design of English 3330 and online education. We will then present our project plan for the research study we are proposing to conduct to enhance the online course design of English 3330. The next portion of the proposal will contain detailed qualifications each member of our group holds which will contribute to the success of this project.

Online education is a rapid growing trend for colleges and universities across the world. The internet has evolved and created virtual classrooms which have surfaced and become an attractive alternative of learning for students and instructors. Online classes give students the ability to attend college anywhere, at almost any time. Before the start of online education, students were limited to having to…

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