Online Communication And Gender Differences

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Weather we communicate via online or face-to-face conflict will arise that 's why we need to understand why online communication seems to ignite and why the opposite sex handles conflict differently. When communication takes place between a woman and a man they both have different styles of working with conflict. They have different ways to handle or to avoid conflict. This guide will give you an understanding of why the opposite sex handles conflict differently and why online communication makes conflict more tough to resolve. There 's ways we can deal with conflict and online communication. So, dealing with the interpersonal communication can be more effective.

There is a gender conflict styles. Here is some research that support that men and women approach conflict differently. Men are also taught to physically fight with each other, which both can be a form of play and as a meaning to settle disputes. Let 's first start off with the origins of gender differences. The traditional role for men were hunters and providers and women
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On the other hand, it can clear up some misperceptions and false memories. In one of my experience I got a text from my aunt and she stated if I can do her a favor but I responded that I couldn 't fill full what she requested, then after she responded with an insulting message and I was going to respond back but immediately my husband told me not to send anything because the situation was going to get worse. So, that way when I see her next time I won 't feel bad on my part, because I want to have a clear conscious that I didn 't ruin a relationship on my behave. When a conflict online keeps getting worse you might want to try more face to face approach that way you won 't create more damage to the

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