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What does research demonstrate about the effects of marijuana?
The Effects Marijuana Has On an Individual
Michael Garcia
Motlow State Community College
The use of marijuana is a much debated topic in most states. Marijuana has many effects to the human body that many people could agree on. Some effects may be good and some may be bad. Researches have come up with a conclusion on the effects it has towards the human body. For example, it helps with nausea and vomiting for people who are have chemo therapy. It is hard to determine all of the symptoms for using marijuana, since it is illegal in most states in the United States. In the view of a nursing student, she believes that people don’t have enough proof and
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These are some of the symptoms that marijuana has on people. Marijuana can also help you in other ways. According Natalie McGill, “More than a dozen U.S. states have decriminalized the possession of marijuana, meaning it is no longer a criminal offense for someone to have small amounts of the drug, such as an ounce or less” (McGill 1). People that are in Colorado are worried about food poisoning. Studies show that if a teen consumes marijuana it could influence the way they drive and they are more likely to get into an automotive accident. Nora Volkow said, “It is important to alert the public that using marijuana in the teen years brings health, social and academic risk” (McGill 1). Some people put marijuana in edible products. Marijuana can be consumed in many ways like by smoking it, eating it, chewing it, and now you can put it in an e-cig. “Synthetic cannabinoid-containing products may appeal to younger, first time users of drug” (Howden Naughton 1). Marijuana can cause seizures, increase blood pressure and temperature, vomiting and agitation. The designers that have tried to substitute for marijuana are not safe and have terrible side effects. A 48-year-old woman was diagnose with respiratory unit with an infected right apical bulla. She had smoked twenty joints of marijuana a year and also thirty packs of cigarettes a year. “Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug worldwide

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