Essay about Online Classes Vs. Traditional Classes

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As technology has advanced throughout the years, so have the means of education. With these advancements, online classes have become available and more common. Online classes are generated on the computer and done at home. Online classes are done on a students own time. Although that might sound appealing to you, traditional classes are still more popular. As many people know, traditional classes are face to face and usually take place in a classroom. These classes have an instructor to help guide a student and further their education and most of their time is spent taking notes, asking questions, and working on assignments. The average traditional classroom student scores in the 50th percentile; whereas the average online student scores in the 59th percentile. There is an abundance of pros and cons for each technique of acquiring an education. Although there are some similarities between online and traditional classes, there are different characteristics, goals, and benefits for each system of learning.
Online classes are set up in a way that can be appealing to vas amount of students looking to further their education. Online classes have the reputation of being easier to pass. Of course this would be appealing to someone who had a hard time in high school, or has a busy life. No one wants to do work that they are not required to do. Students are also not required to show up anywhere, and simply just have to fire up their computer from the comfort of their own home. On…

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