Online Classes vs Traditional Classe Essay

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Online Classes Vs Traditional College Classes
The Internet is credited for revolutionalizing every aspect of modern life including in the education sector where online classes have emerged alongside the traditional clasess.These two types of educational settings have the same aim of educating and training students to become better people in their communities and the places they intend to serve but there are fundamental differences amongst them as discussed in this essay.
Key Differences The first key difference is type of equipment employed .The central prerequisite in taking an online course or class is access to an internet connection . For online programs delivered with rich media (videos) elements high speed internet
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The final and the most fundamental difference between a traditional class and an online class is the time. In online classes there is no set time established for where and when one`s works. Courses materials are easily obtainable from any computer terminal usually 24 hours a day meaning anyone can study at anytime anywhere. When compared with a conventional class, one must attend class everyday; a set time and schedule is established. Generally time is fixed unlike in an online class where time is flexible.
Although online classes, and traditional on campus classroom classes may seem like they are worlds apart, some similarities exist between these two kinds of learning. One, both of them requires learners to go through resource materials and also glean information from lecturers. Technology advancements also make it possible for online learners to take part in classroom discussions in a way which is similar to a traditional class.
Students can profit from the interaction instructors bestowed within the online environment. They too may have fun with activities, quizzes, games, along with videos which contextualize the course topics planned by lecturers. These facts prove that learners can profit from online classes in the same they can profit from face to face classes. Another similarity is the fact that both online and traditional

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